Construction Contract 工程合同 PO No.: XXXXXXX Buyer:. Date of signature: 甲方: 签约日期: Seller: 乙方: This Purchase Order is made by and between the Buyer and the Seller: Whereby the Buyer agrees to buy and the Seller agrees to sell the under mentioned commodity according to the terms and conditions stipulated below: 甲乙双方经友好协商,一致就供应下列产品,达成如下条款: 1. Scope of Supply and Price 工作范围及价格明细 ItemNo .序号 Codes & Standard Qty Unit Unit Price (RMB) Total Price (RMB) 材料规格型号 数量 单位 单价(元) 总金额(元) 1 Item, etc. 材料 16530 KG 2.90 47,937.00 2 Item, etc. 材料 5070 KG 4.80 24,336.00 3 Construction cost 邯郸施工费 18,000.00 4 Freight 运费 6,000.00 5 Export packing cost 出口包装费 13,000.00 6 Third party inspection 第三方检测费 9,500.00 合计人民币金额 大写:壹拾壹万捌仟柒佰柒拾叁圆整 小写:¥118,773.00 2. Technical Requirement, Quality Requirement, Standard & Warranty Period: Seller shall carried out the construction in strict accordance with the National Standard and the requirements stipulated in the Technical Agreement No. ________which both party signed (see attached documents). The warranty period shall be 1 year after placement of Goods in service. 技术要求、质量要求、技术标准和质保期限: 按国家标准和双方签定的技术协议(编号:______见附件)施工, 质保期为投产后 1 年。 3. Job Sites: 施工地点: 4. Construction Equipment, Tools & Field Personnel Management: 施工设备工具及现场人员管理: Page 1 of 5 (1) All the construction equipment and tools shall be provided by Seller. 所有施工用设备及工具由乙方自带。 (2) Buyer will coordinate and arrange the electricity and water supply on the site. 现场施工用水电由甲方协调安排。 (3) Buyer will be responsible for all the lifting work during the construction on site. 现场施工过程中的吊装工作由甲方负责。 (4) Seller shall be responsible for the management of its field personnel safety; Seller should provide reasonable protection and insurance for its personnel’s safety. All the personnel injury and property damage caused by Seller’s failure of management shall be borne by Seller. 现场施工人员管理由乙方负责。乙方应对人员的安全等方面提供合理的保障,由于乙方管理原因造成的人身伤 亡及财产损失由乙方承担。 5. Construction Time, delay and Postpone 合同工期、工期延误、工期顺延: (1) Buyer shall issue a Notice to Seller about the construction one week prior the date of the construction start. 甲方提前一周通知乙方施工时间。 (2) Construction period will be 15 days from the date of issuance of the order to commence the construction from Buyer. 自甲方发出开工令之日算起,工程工期 15 天。 (3) Construction period may be postponed as Buyer agreed after he certified that the delay not caused by Seller. 非乙方原因造成工期延误,须经甲方确认后工期顺延。 (4) The start time of the construction shall be subject to the order to commence by Buyer. Seller shall unconditionally follow the overall project schedule of Buyer. Buyer shall be entitled to evaluate and adjust Seller’s construction plan. 开工时间以甲方开工令为准。乙方应无条件服从甲方的整体进度计划,甲方有权对乙方制定的工期安排进行审 核、调整。 (5) Liquidated Damage: If seller fails to complete the construction on time as stipulated in the Contract, Seller agrees to pay a penalty at the rate of 1% of the Total Value per day of delay. No bonus for early completion. 合同工期的延期损失赔偿费:工期每延期一天,乙方承担的工期违约罚款为乙方承包范围内的工程结算价款的 1%。提前工期不予奖励。 6. Standard and method of acceptance inspection: Subject to the requirement in the Attached Technical Agreement. 验收标准、方法: 按照技术协议的要求进行验收。 Page 2 of 5 7. Payment Term 结算方式和期限: * (1) 50% of the Total Contract Value will be paid by T/T within 10 working days after the first lot of material arrived at the site and accepted by Buyer, Seller shall provide VAT invoice with the total contract value to Buyer. * 第一批材料到现场后经甲方验收合格,乙方开具合同全额的 17%增值税发票 10 个工作日内,付合同总金额 50%。* (2) 40% of the Total Contract Value will be paid by T/T within 10 working days after the construction completed and accepted by Buyer. * 施工完成经甲方验收合格 10 个工作日内支付合同总金额的 40%。 (3) 10% of the Total Contract Value will be paid by T/T after one year normal operation of the facility and the Warranty Period expired. * 剩下的 10%作为质保金,设备正常运行 1 年后付清。 (4) In case of the site construction in Iran, Buyer will be responsible for visa, round-trip fares and traveling expense, food and accommodation, and 30 US Dollar daily subsidies for each of Seller’s construction personnel on Iran Site. All of the cost will be paid by T/T within 10 working days after the construction completed and Buyer received related bills provided by Seller and accepted these bills.. 若需乙方前往伊朗项目现场施工,甲方负责乙方施工人员的签证、往返车旅费、食宿,并补助乙方每人 30 美金/ 天。以上费用于现场施工完毕后,乙方提交相关票据,甲方收到票据核实无误 10 个工作日内结算。 8. Delay and Penalty 违约责任: (1) If there is any defect or mistake of construction quality, Seller shall repair and replace immediately at its own cost. If Seller fails to solve defect or

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